minogue is a maggot

Pentridge Prison

In 98 or 99 Pentridge Prison was open to the public for tours - just before it was demolished for redevelopment. Pentridge Prison was a very morbid and claustrophobic place. Especially the Jika Jika wing of the prison. This is where 'Chopper Read' and other bad bastards spent most of their time.

This image was taken in a Jika Jika prison cell in 99 (i think). I wanted to know how it must have felt to sleep in a prison bed so I lay down on the bottom tier of the bunk bed and stared up. The underneath of the top bunk bed had writing all over it. Quite eerie and to think someone, possibly the recipient, had this to look at before lights out.
I was transported back to highschool... toilet wall ramblings of a teenager... only this was the slammer!

'I know this thing and he is not what he makes himself out to be. Under hid false image minogue is a maggot. He will undermine, Backstab, and set you up faster than the coppers can type his Report. It's a low piece of shit. Beware! MINOGUE YOU LOW SCUM MUT'